How does E-Ticket Performance Boats customer service compare to other builders?

We would encourage you to begin by asking owners of other boats about their experience with their manufacturer or dealer. You will find the level of concern varies more than the selection of models available. Our customer service is very personal. From the moment you begin considering an E-Ticket boat to the day of delivery, we will work one on one with you. We understand the frustration of not knowing what stage of construction your boat is in so we will keep you up to date with digital images as the construction progresses. We welcome your “How is it going?” calls. Our personal pet peeve is not being able to get a hold of someone so we are always available on the phone or in person. Leave us a message, we will call you back!

We believe the desire to deliver great customer service is born from a personal commitment. We have been known to drive parts to customer’s houses, deliver paperwork out of town, and shuttle parts to other manufacturers during testing. We have even finished customer’s “project boats” so they could purchase a new one. All of us at E-Ticket will do what it takes.

We are also committed to making your overall boating experience safe and enjoyable. To reach that goal we provide our customers with a full orientation of their new boat, a brief safety course, towing/trailering instruction, and launch and retrieval instruction. We know it is easier to learn from a neutral third party in a stress free environment than in the thick of a busy day on the ramp or driving in the city. We also prefer all of the individuals that will be using the boat be involved in the instructions. The more individuals there are that have an understanding of the basics of boating and trailering, the more hands and heads available to help.

Posted February 13, 2012

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