Do E-Ticket boats cost more?

At first glance an E-Ticket boat may appear to be more expensive but with a little further investigating you will find it to be one of the best values on the market. Unlike other builders, we do not try to lure customers by advertising a bare bones price to get them interested. Some manufacturers will advertise a model with a base engine package that may barely have enough power to get the boat on plane. Then, to upgrade to a somewhat reasonable package, they will charge nearly the entire cost of a new motor and drive on top of the base power. We find that method of marketing and pricing insulting to a boating enthusiast’s intelligence.

E-Ticket boats come standard with enough power to perform better than most others with upgraded power. In fact, other builders will charge between $40,000 and $50,000 more for the standard features on an E-Ticket boat. Yet in the end, their boats will still be their boats. Their boats will still be much smaller and never include the commitment to quality that drives us to insist on true offshore rigging, Deckalite bulkheads, foam encapsulated gas tanks, Pro Bonded balsa core, through-bolted bracketry and rub rail, and a deck and hull with nearly flawless lines and finish. If other builders actually offered these E-Ticket “standards” there boats would be even more expensive than they already are.

Posted February 15, 2012

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