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Boating can be filled with hours of enjoyment and create wonderful memories. But as we all know, the boat doesn’t just appear on the water when we want it and magically disappear when we are finished – there are many steps before and after. These times can certainly be less stressful and even enjoyable if approached from the proper perspective.

In order to make sure your entire boating experience is a good one, we at E-Ticket Boats offer the following instruction for each of our customers.

A Full Orientation Of Your New E-Ticket Performance Boat

We will spend as much time as each customer and their family need to be sure they have a full understanding of the boat and its operations. The more familiar everyone is with the boat and how to effectively operate it, the better. It can be a big asset to the operator of the boat when they can count on others if needed. Awareness and understanding of the specific boat and its features goes along way to its enjoyment.

Boating Safety

This is not a full course in boating safety but will provide an understanding of the most common mistakes boaters make that lead to accidents and how to avoid them.

Trailering/Towing Instruction

While experience is necessary to become proficient towing your boat, there is a lot that can be learned when each driver has the opportunity to practice in a stress free environment. Helpful insights on trailer hook up, highway towing, and city towing will be reviewed, demonstrated and practiced (with an empty and loaded trailer) to help you reduce the possibility of a mishap.

Launching and Retrieving

If you have spent time boating, you know the greatest frustration and stress is often experienced at the launch ramp. It is best to practice launching and retrieving without the pressure of other boaters waiting in line behind you. You will have the opportunity to operate the boat and the towing vehicle in these situations.

We recommend that all members of your party, that will be regularly accompany you while boating, be involved in these informative sessions. We know that learning in a stress free environment from a neutral third party will typically produce a more effective learning experience.

We look forward to making your entire boating experience enjoyable and safe.

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