Exceptional design and superior function owe a great deal to the delicate art of balance. The right elements drawn together in proportion will inevitably result in a product that works better on a number of levels. Aesthetics balanced with performance. Style balanced with substance.

E-Ticket has always paid particular attention to creating and maintaining careful balance of its product. The result is a unique line of boats that deliver an extraordinary blend of world-class performance, incredible versatility, outstanding user conveniences and overall functionality unmatched by any other boat on the water. From world championship drivers to families and friends getting together for a great time, this attention to balance has shown E-Ticket owners throughout the world that they can have it all in one exceptional boat.

Welcome to E-Ticket… enjoy the balance.

Our Boats

  • 11951906_10207600625034649_8914422548785706153_n

    29 Luxury Cat

    While we were the first to offer a Twin Engine Deck Boat our innovations are never ending.

  • Eticket Flatdeck

    Flat Deck

    There are no standard features of the Flat Deck. Each Flat Deck is a one of a kind sculpture to each client’s personal taste.

  • 26 Luxury Cat

    26 Luxury Cat

    Coming Soon, our new single engine deckboat